November 2, 2010


Dear Frost Alumni and Families, Former Students and Teachers,


Thank you to everyone who attended the All School Reunion.  We have had so many good comments regarding the celebration and feel it was a real success.  When we first started planning this reunion, I didnít know what to expect.  As the reservations started coming in, and generous donations along with the reservations, I realized there was a strong interest in having this get together.  The generous donations received from those attending, as well as from those who were unable to attend, made it possible to have some extras.  The expenses have all come through and have been covered. As was announced at the dance, any extra money would be donated to the Ambulance.  Iím pleased to tell you that the Frost All School Reunion will be donating over $2000 to the Frost Ambulance Squad. 


Itís great to be part of such a caring group of people.  Growing up in a small town like Frost, has allowed us to get to know not only our own classmates, but also those several years ahead and behind us.   For those of us who have remained or returned to the area, we realize what a great little community we have.  Iím glad so many of you (329 dinners were served) were able to come and enjoy visiting and reminiscing in the Big Gym. 


The church service was also well attended and thanks to all who joined in the choir at the last minute.  The Firemen and Ambulance Squad did a superb job of serving pancakes on Sunday morning too.  This gave many a little more time to enjoy visiting. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this a fun time. 





Alice Bromeland

Frost All School Reunion Committee



2010 Homecoming Queen Virginia Olsen and
King Melford Willmert, both from Frost's first graduating
class - the class of 1938.